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Who we are

Roast Film Co is a video production company specialising in captivating short form content for online audiences. At Roast Film Co, we understand that the heart of every story lies within the people behind it. We are passionate about showcasing authentic stories, highlighting individuals' journeys, motivations, and aspirations. By doing so, we empower our audience to connect, learn, and grow as a community. Whether it's creating videos that promote products, inform audiences, or enhance brand awareness, our focus is on crafting narratives that resonate with viewers and cause action.

What we create

Our diverse range of formats includes captivating short documentaries, engaging social media films, insightful interviews, compelling promos, dramatic narratives, product demos, pack shots, branded content, and informative explainer videos. With expertise in planning, filming, and editing footage, we bring your vision to life. Whether it's capturing authentic moments on location or directing professional performances in the studio, our skilled team and freelancers ensure your ideas are transformed into captivating video content.

Where we create

We are based in Peckham, South London, where we conduct pre-production meetings and editing. When it comes to shooting, we understand the challenges of scheduling and take pride in our flexibility to accommodate diverse timelines and locations. From nearby locations to overseas destinations, we are ready to travel wherever the production needs us to go.



In our work, we cherish the chance to explore diverse locations and are dedicated to preserving that privilege. While energy use, travel, and data storage are inherent in video production, we actively assess and adopt sustainable practices to minimise our ecological footprint. Every production is put through AdGreen's carbon calculator, enabling us to identify and implement impactful changes. To reinforce our environmental commitment, any remaining emissions are offset with Ecologi to ensure a net-zero production.


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