Support Worker Day 2022 | Royal College of Nursing

We were commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing to produce a compelling short film for their National Support Worker's Day campaign in 2022. The film aimed to deeply resonate with support workers nationwide, showcasing the invaluable contributions they make and raising awareness of their crucial role. The film was formatted and tailored for social media, being distributed across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, generating active engagement from healthcare professionals and the general public. Through this campaign, we encouraged individuals to share their photos, stories, and celebrations, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation on the designated day and reaching an audience of 220,000 through both paid and organic channels.

In order to convey a heartfelt "thank you" that deeply resonated with the support workers and offered a glimpse into their impactful work, we coordinated pre-recorded messages from their colleagues, patients, and patients' families. These messages were seamlessly integrated into the film's conclusion, which featured a behind-the-scenes style section allowing the support workers to witness these expressions of appreciation from their colleagues.

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